• How we know

    When your home is damaged from a natural disaster no matter how large or small, S.C.C. knows. We receive a NOAA report showing the specific details of the storm that caused damage to your community. Your property can not be protected from an Act of God such as a hail storm, wind storm, or driven rain; and because of this your Insurance Carrier will cover the cost of the damage to be replaced.

  • How it works

    S.C.C. specializes in Insurance Catastrophe Claims. We inspect for damage caused from the storms and help begin the claim process. We are present through this whole process; from beginning to end. The hardest part of your job is to pick out the colors for your property.

  • We're Here to Help

    If you have damage, or are unsure if the damage qualifies, call S.C.C. INC. We are at work 7 days a week and work around the homeowner's schedule. To find out how YOU can get a FREE roof, or to have one of our representatives assess your damage and get it replaced with no out of pocket cost to you, the homeowner, call 312-593-8576.

  • End Result

    All of the damages to the property are repaired and replaced and you are back on track with your life. S.C.C. Inc. will even pay the cost of your deductible *up to $1,000.End of Story

We Keep You Covered with Our Service to Homeowners

Who are We

Storm Casualty Consulting, Inc. is a residential and commercial insurance consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois specializing in storm damage claims. S.C.C. INC. works with the insurance carrier for any residential or commercial property damage claims. We mainly direct our attention to homeowners who recently suffered from hail or storm damages. Let us take care of this mess for you and get you back on track with your life.

With more than 5 years of experience, we love helping each client get a new roof without having to pay anything over their deductible. We specialize at serving the Latino community.


City of Chicago Business License: #2240928
City of Chicago General Contractor License: #TGC039461
Roofing Sub Contractor - Professional All Star Roofing Inc
State of Illinois Roofing License
#104.014408 & 105.000322

*All of the sub contractors we hire to do work are licensed, insured and bonded

We're Here for You

Call us to take care of your storm damage problems. We do all the work, from inspecting the damage, contacting the insurance company, and finding a replacement roof. Your insurance carrier will cover the cost of all the repairs, except for the deductible. You as the homeowner will only have to pay for the deductible!

Following the Rules

We strictly go by the insurance company's adjuster summary so no one is stuck with the bill. In addition, we provide an upgrade on your shingles with a lifetime warranty which is transferable to the new homeowners if the property is sold.

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