Our Services Overview

Outstanding Customer Service

At S.C.C, Inc. we are committed to giving our customers a first-rate experience. We are known for our outstanding customer service because we understand our customers' needs. We treat each and every customer with the respect that they deserve. People know that we will treat them well and that we have their best interest in mind. This is why the majority of our clients are referrals.

Storm Damage Consulting

When a storm strikes, we take the hassle out of your damage situation. Our professionals help you with the insurance claim process and meet with your insurance company to ensure that we agree on what the damage is. Additionally, we follow up with the insurance company to make sure they make the appropriate replacements, with no cost to you except for the deductible. Just pick out the shingle color you desire and we'll do the rest.

Insurance Claims

We call a specific catastrophe line to inform the insurance company of the issues that are being handled. We meet with the insurance adjusters personally to ensure that they look at every aspect of the damage. This way, the insurance company does not miss anything that is damaged in your property. If the insurance company decides that there is no damage sustained to your house, we simply walk away.

Roof Replacement

Upgrade to a roof that stands up to 130 mph winds and ensures maximum algae resistance. The shingles placed on your roof are architectual shingles that have a lifetime warranty which is transferable to the new homeowners if the property is ever sold. With the work we do, your house will look much better.

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